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A few days ago, Dietmar Pohl met knifemaker Stoil Manchev at his workshop in Sofia. On his homeward journey from the Bulgarian capital, Pohl had 50 exclusively signed MK-10 Last Blood® Kydex® sheaths and photo prints in his luggage. A highlight for all MOVIE KNIFE fans.

The Bulgarian knifemaker and designer Stoil Manchev had the great privilege of designing a very special dagger for the final part “Last Blood”. With its stainless Damascus steel blade and the exceptional handle design, which also allows a view of the exciting Damascus structure, this dagger is a real eye-catcher!

The POHL FORCE – BLACK NOVEMBER SALE: up to 30% discount.

The POHL FORCE – BLACK NOVEMBER SALE: up to 30% discount.

Highlights are the knives of the Pohl Force MOVIE KNIFE series like the damascus dagger MK-10 LAST BLOOD® or the MK-11 LAST BLOOD® Concept. The perfect time to complete your MOVIE KNIFE collection. Also included are practical tools for everyday use such as the new Bravo Two Classic or the knives of the Compact and Charlie series and accessories including patches.

Hope Cinema, 40th Anniversary – Speech by Dietmar Pohl

Hope BC, as the film location of First Blood, celebrated the 40th anniversary in October 2022 with a very special anniversary weekend. Fans from all over the world pilgrimaged to the atmospheric town in beautiful British Columbia.

MK-9 Legacy

Wallace Street in HOPE, BC – the place where the series started with the legendary car chase. The place where it all began 40 years ago!

This summer, First to Last Blood comes full circle. World premiere during 40th anniversary celebrations in Hope, BC last October. With the MK-9 Legacy you will discover Dietmar Pohl’s most personal knife he has ever designed.

Available now: MK-11 Last Blood® Concept

Over the last four years a remarkable third design for a LAST BLOOD – MOVIE KNIFEhas been slumbering in Dietmar Pohl’s personal design archive!

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the action series, we have decided to bring it to life in an edition of only 600 pieces worldwide: the MK-11 LAST BLOOD® CONCEPT.

Hope Cinema – 40th Anniversary!

A personal highlight for Dietmar Pohl was definitely the movie night on October 8, 2022 in Hope, BC.

As guest of honor, he was allowed to open the movie night in the Hope Cinema with a personal speech to the fan audience from all over the world. The Hope Cinema could not have been better chosen, since it was here that Sylvester Stallone had made the final cut of the film Rocky 3 “The Eye of the Tiger” during the filming of First Blood. It was all the more beautiful for Dietmar Pohl not only to tell his personal story about First Blood and his resulting career, but also to do so in this historic film house.

Die Filmlocations in Hope, BC!

It is not easy to find some of the famous film locations in and around Hope and Vancouver. Some of them are hidden deep in the forests of British Columbia. Since many years Scott Hardy is dedicated to this activity with great passion.

Stephen Chang and Dietmar Pohl during the First Blood anniversary in Hope, BC.

For the 40th anniversary celebrations in Hope BC, the place where it all began, he could not be missed: Actor StephenChang. Well known as the VC Commander from First Blood.

MK-9 Legacy

MK-9 Legacy

We are very happy to present you the new MK-9 Legacy directly from Hope BC, the place where it all began.

MK-10 LAST BLOOD – the dagger!

We are happy to introduce you the MK-10 Last Blood in cooperation with friend and custom Knifemaker Stoil Manchev from Manchev Knives. Along with the MK-8 and MK-9, the dagger is the missing piece for movie knife fans. With its stainless Damascus steel blade and the exceptionally designed handle, which also allows a look at the exciting Damascus structure, it is a real eye-catcher!