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Impressions CNC-Tec Leather

The passion for a unique natural product: leather.

Great craftsmanship combined with high-quality leather creates an elementary component of every Pohl Force CNC-Tec Edition knife: the leather sheath.

More than 30 years ago, a knife, guided in a striking brown leather sheath, caused a sensation on the cinema screen. For the passionate film knife collector and designer Dietmar Pohl, it was therefore out of the question to return to these beginnings and thus to draw a bow into the year 2019: to Last Blood - 37 years later!

The US knife legend from Arkansas, Jimmy Lile, responsible for the first two knives, had the leather sheaths for his knives made by Galco Gunleather as early as the 1980s.

1969 - also in the year of the legendary moon landing in Chicago, Illinois, the company was founded as a family business and can look back on 50 decades of experience in the production of high-quality holsters and leather products.

Federal agencies and the military rely on the leather holsters designed and handcrafted at Galco's current location in Phoenix, Arizona. A special, multiple treatment of the leather with oil produces the characteristic brown shade.

Reason enough for us to continue this special history of leather sheaths and to deliver the Pohl Force MK-8 and MK-9 with a perfectly processed leather sheath made of the finest leather "Made in Phoenix, Arizona - USA".

Made of premium full grain leather.

Made from the highest of seven possible grades. Vegetable and environmentally friendly tanned in traditional pit tanning. The world-famous brown tone is achieved using traditional techniques: each MK-9 leather sheath receives four to six hand-applied oil treatments. This ensures structural integrity and underlines the natural structure and appearance of the leather. Each piece of leather reacts differently to the application. Hand treatment gives each leather sheath the individual attention it needs to achieve an optimal result.

The black leather sheath of the MK-8 is carefully dyed using aniline dye. This penetrates deeply into the leather and produces a transparent and abrasion-resistant colour. The colour nuances characteristic of unpainted leather are retained and make each piece unique.

The final treatment of the surface protects the leather from dirt and moisture. Special care and craftsmanship already during tanning and later refinement enables the leather to develop a patina full of character even after years of use.

Hermann Oak Leather Co. - Founded 1881 - St. Louis, Missouri

U.S. Steer Hide" heartwood leather is tanned with ground bark in deep oak pits to make it firm and long-lasting.

At the traditional tannery on the banks of the legendary Mississippi River, which has been in existence for over 100 years, the leather is still processed using one of the oldest methods of vegetable tanning.

The vegetable tanning is very time-consuming and takes place in three phases over several weeks. Nature provides the most important components of the plots, such as oak bark.

The leather thickness of Hermann Oak is unsurpassed and was already preferred by Jimmy Lile. The perfect raw material for a high-quality and special leather sheath.

Uncorrected full grain leather - For a leather sheath with a special character!

For the leather sheaths of our CNC-Tec Edition we have opted for strong and natural full grain leather. The leather sheath of the MK-9 impresses with its warm and natural brown tone. After manufacturing the leather sheath, it is oiled in a special process in several stages.

Each leather absorbs the ingredients differently. This can be taken into account by the application by hand.

The natural beauty of the leather with its individual structure and grain, wrinkles as well as signs of age remains and makes each leather sheath unique with a special character.

The passion for craftsmanship and leather.

The leather sheath of the MK-8 and MK-9 - for us an elementary component of the knives, to which we have equally devoted our justified attention and passion.