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The MK-9 Legacy is an extraordinary knife with a unique appearance. Only selected materials and an outstanding manufacturing quality are used. For this special and strictly limited edition of the MK-9 Legacy, only one material can be considered, which has already proven itself over forty years ago and has lost none of its appeal to this day: Leather.

It still takes great passion, experience and craftsmanship to create a leather sheath of the highest quality. This challenge led us to the beautiful Tuscany to RADAR 1957.


Just over 40 kilometers west of the historical city of Florence, in the picturesque countryside, you will find Fucecchio. This is where the manufacturer RADAR has its headquarters.

Leather processing has a centuries-old tradition in Tuscany and many world-famous luxury brands source their leather and exclusive products there.

Founded in 1957 by Gisberto Pellegrini, the traditional company looks back on almost 70 years of experience. Originally focusing on tanning and leather manufacturing, the company is now one of the leading manufacturers in the field of holsters for the police and military sector. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology are the focus of RADAR 1957. And it is here, in the heart of Tuscany, the leather sheath for the MK-9 Legacy is created.

The manufacturing of high quality leather sheaths and holsters is still a handicraft. This becomes obvious due to the numerous processing and manufacturing steps, which are still done by hand.

The basis for the leather sheath of the MK-9 Legacy is vegetable tanned leather of the highest quality from Valdarno. The vegetable tanning manufacturing process has a long tradition in this region and is the oldest way of tanning leather.

This tanning process uses only vegetable extracts such as tree bark, leaves and berries. It is very time-consuming and takes several weeks. Vegetatively tanned leather is characterized by high durability and quality and develops a distinctive patina with use.

The leather sheath of the MK-9 Legacy is made of seven layers of leather, including the keder. After cutting, these are brought to the necessary thickness for the respective component and then carefully sanded and glued by hand.

In addition to embossing the company logos on the back, one of the first steps in the process is to sew on the loop for the diamond knife sharpener from the American manufacturer Eze-Lap in Carson City, Nevada. Made of solid brass, this was already a reliable part of the knife in Part II in the mid-eighties and is again today with the MK-9 Legacy.

In many further work steps, the leather sheath is repeatedly ground and polished and the components of the push button are set. The more than 15 millimeter thick edge is sewn carefully and with a lot of experience. The leg strap is given its distinctive buckle.


The leather sheath of the MK-9 Legacy is created in the highest quality by combining passion, modern technology and craftsmanship.