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A few days ago, Dietmar Pohl met knifemaker Stoil Manchev at his workshop in Sofia. On his homeward journey from the Bulgarian capital, Pohl had 50 exclusively signed MK-10 Last Blood® Kydex® sheaths and photo prints in his luggage. A highlight for all MOVIE KNIFE fans.

The Bulgarian knifemaker and designer Stoil Manchev had the great privilege of designing a very special dagger for the final part "Last Blood". With its stainless Damascus steel blade and the exceptional handle design, which also allows a view of the exciting Damascus structure, this dagger is a real eye-catcher!

Manchev and Pohl both share a passion for knives and cinema, as well as the fact that they both exclusively designed the knives for the last part of the film series. In collaboration, the limited edition of Manchev's design, the Pohl Force MK-10 LAST BLOOD®, followed, limited to only 600 pieces worldwide.

Almost sold out, 50 pieces are now available with a Kydex® sheath exclusively signed by Stoil Manchev. The photo print included in the scope of delivery is also signed by Stoil Manchev and Dietmar Pohl and also shows the serial number of the individual dagger.

The MK-10 LAST BLOOD® is linked in a very special way to the five-part film series about the Vietnam veteran and are an exciting highlight for film knife collectors and movie enthusiasts.

Further Information: MK-10 LAST BLOOD® - Signature Series

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