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MK-9 First Blood Legacy

Pohl Force MK-9 First Blood Legacy

With nearly 30 years of experience in the knife industry, Dietmar Pohl created by far his most personal knife ever with the MK-9 First Blood Legacy. It was a survival knife that captivated the designer 40 years ago in the movie "First Blood" and never let go. The design, the size, the functionality and of course the use of the knife in the hands of a fighter and survival expert left a previously unimagined impression. What followed was an unprecedented career in the knife industry, which led an astonishing 36 years after the German premiere of the film "First Blood" to Dietmar Pohl developing the knife for "Last Blood" precisely for his action hero. Which closed a circle for him personally after decades.

However, two things that have always preoccupied designer Dietmar Pohl over the years remained unfinished: First, he always wanted to travel to the place where the action of the film "First Blood" took place, and second, he wanted to develop a survival knife that would create a link between the films "First Blood" and "Last Blood." On the occasion of the 40th anniversary celebrations in the town of Hope in the province of British Columbia, Canada, which was the setting for the film "First Blood", the opportunity arose to visit as well as to develop a unique survival knife.

MK-9 First Blood Legacy

MK-9 First Blood Legacy
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(Availability: Summer 2023
No preorder possible)

The MK-9 First Blood Legacy impresses not only with its appearance, but with a multitude of well thought-out functional elements. The size and appearance is the same as Dietmar Pohl's legendary MK-9 concept, but the design, which was conceived as a combat knife, is transformed into a survival knife with a great sense of form, detail and functionality. Key elements include the back saw, screwdrivers on the handguard, elongated holes in the handguard for attaching lanyards, a cavity for survival gear inside the handle, a striking element at the end of the handle, and a key for opening the handle screws.

The MK-9 was crafted with only selected and high-quality materials. The massive Spearpoint blade, 230 millimetres long and 6,2 millimetres thick, is made of the high-alloy carbon steel Niolox. It impresses with properties such as high rust resistance and special cutting durability.

The blasted surface of the blade prevents reflection and emphasizes the technical look of the First Blood Legacy. The textured handle scales made of black G-10 or green canvas composite material are CNC milled from solid material. Both materials are extremely durable and resistant to mechanical stress as well as other external environmental influences. According to Pohl Force standard, the tang is provided with a SRM (Surface Round Milling) that realizes a high grip comfort. Easy access to the cavity of the handle is made possible with the included key.

As with the CNC-Tec Edition of MOVIE KNIVES, the MK-9 First Blood Legacy will be built to strict specifications in close cooperation with our European manufacturing partner Lionsteel. It is expected to ship with a sophisticated Kydex® or a classic leather sheath. The First Production Run is limited to 300 pieces per version and marked accordingly.