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The CNC-Tec Edition.

Always coupled to tradition, very special film knives are produced with the latest CNC technology. The Pohl Force CNC-Tec Edition.

The passion for excellent and special knives is our driving force and this also reflects every replica of this special series.

Titanium, green canvas composite or ebony - modern, proven as well as exclusive materials are used in the MK-8 and MK-9. Not only the design language of the two protagonists made of steel is impressive, but also their crafting.

Adhering to the strictest Pohl Force specifications, the MK-8 and MK-9 film knives are made in idyllic Maniago, at the foot of the Alps in north-eastern Italy.

Known throughout the world for its long tradition of knife production, the roots go back as far as the year 1453. Over 500 years ago, the first heavy forging hammers were operated with the help of water power.

In those days Maniago supplied the former naval power 'Serenissima Republica di Venezia' (Republic of Venice) with swords and staff weapons.

Partner at our side: Lionsteel - Founded in 1969, the year of the legendary moon landing, the traditional family business is now managed by the second generation.

Titan. Light and highly resilient.

Titanium is a chemical element, having the element symbol Ti, atomic number 22, atomic mass 47,887(1) u and electron configuration [Ar] 3d2 4s2. The mass fraction of the earth's shell is 0.41%. It belongs to the transition metals and is in the periodic table in the 4th subgroup (4th IUPAC group) or titanium group. The metal is gleaming white-metallic, has a low density, is ductile, corrosion- and temperature-resistant. Main occurrences: Australia, Scandinavia, North America, Urals and Malaysia. Titanium and its alloys are used in the manufacture of objects requiring low weight and high mechanical strength.

A special metal used in extreme applications such as aerospace and submarines.

A special highlight is the striking and elaborately designed hand protection of both knives.

It is milled out of a solid titanium block with the greatest precision and at great expenditure of time. The processing is demanding and requires many work steps until this central element of both knives finally receives its final grinding and satin hand finish.

The special metal, which is used in aerospace and submarine construction, was not chosen at random:

With a weight saving of forty percent compared to a conventional hand guard made of stainless steel, it ensures optimum balance and a special appearance for both insert knives.

Exklusive and noble: Ebonywood.

Dietmar Pohl opted for a near deep black ebony for the grip shells of the MK-8.

They create an exciting contrast to the cool appearance of titanium hand protection and the differently matted blade.

Long Years Experience.

Many work steps are still carried out by hand. Nothing replaces the examining eye, trained by many years of experience.

As one of the last working steps, the striking Bowie blade of the MK-8 and the dynamically curved spear-point blade of the MK-9 are given a razor sharp edge by an experienced hand.

The passion for knives:

the CNC-Tec Edition from Pohl Force