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Customer Feedback

My Set arrived!!

I have never seen knives of this quality. These knives are...PERFECT!!
Perfect case, perfect sheaths....everything is PERFECT!

I am very pleased to have this opportunity!
Thank you very much! I will keep this special set forever!

A. H. aus Ohio - USA
(zum MK-8/9 "The First Thirteen“ Collector’s Set)

"Wow, I'm really excited about the MK-9! Really a fantastic piece! The craftsmanship of the knife and especially of the Galco leather sheath is really amazing. Everyone who has ordered one can look forward to his package."

A. S. from Freyung - Germany
(for MK-8 / MK-9 CNC-Tec Edition)

"(MK-9) has arrived in Texas!!! This is like a dream right now! I love this knife, so much I am speechless right now. Thank you so very much! Please pass this on to Dietmar , the man himself, he is one awesome designer!"

B. A. from Texas - USA
(for MK-8 / MK-9 CNC-Tec Edition)

"Thank You, Thank You Thank You!!! I have just received my MK-8 / MK-9 set and I am so happy that my hands are shaking while typing! These knives are truly remarkable with stunning precision! I will cherish them for the rest of my life as the centre pieces of my ever growing collection! I need to sit down for a while now and admire these masterpieces! Sincerely, I thank you all. Huge regards from Scotland!"

C. K., from Scotland
(for MK-8 / MK-9 CNC-Tec Edition)

"Thank you for the prompt and safe delivery of the wonderful knife set! Only one thing can be said about the quality of the set; grade 1 Plus!
Artworks made of cold steel and leather! Here it becomes clear that there is professional knowledge and technical know-how behind it!
This is how collecting is fun! Keep up the good work.
K. T. from Germany
(for MK-8 / MK-9 CNC-Tec Edition)

"Hello Mr. Pohl, I got my MK 8 today! Fabulously beautiful knife! Super beautifully finished! A dream! Greetings from South Tyrol."

S. M. from South Tyrol - Italy
(for MK-8 / MK-9 CNC-Tec Edition)